Winter Fun Story By: Rebecca McClure

Staff and Staff

Snow. It is white, fluffy, and peaceful outside during the winter. Besides all of the great things, it may be cold but that doesn’t have to stop the fun of winter. Many people like winter, just some more than others. Winter can be a fun and festive time for family and friends because of Christmas. Kids all over of all different ages love winter. People such as Alex Medina, Rebekah Dobski, and Brooke Denovich like to tell about their winter experiences.

Kids love the winter time for many different reasons. Some like winter because of snow days such as Alex. Or maybe the Christmas spirit, having family come over, making Christmas cookies, and going Christmas shopping with the family, which is Rebekah’s favorite reason. Brooke thinks it’s the prettiness of how everything looks. She likes how the snow glistens and looks so untouched, and the “winter” smell in the morning when you go outside.

There are also all sorts of activities you can do during winter. Some are enjoyable while others are not so enjoyable. Alex said that he has to shovel snow and it’s not the funniest thing to do in winter. Some enjoyable things you can do in winter, Rebekah thinks, is staying inside warm. She does think if you get enough snow, it’s fun to go outside and make snowmen. Brooke also thinks going outside is fun. In the winter her family invites friends over to go sledding down a small hill and encourages them to bring a sled to make it work even better. Brooke’s dad will also take their quad and pull a sled behind it. Brooke said “it may seem childish, but it is really fun.” After playing outside, her family and friends will come inside her house and enjoy some hot chocolate.

Another winter time activity is family traditions. Family traditions can be very unique for different families or they could be exactly the same. Some families just go to Christmas parties like Alex’s family. But other families go all out such as Rebekah’s and Brooke’s. Rebekah’s family has a secret Santa thing on Christmas Eve. They also read the book called The Night Before Christmas and watch Christmas movies until they all fall asleep on Christmas Eve. For Brooke, on Christmas Day they open presents at home, then go to her aunt’s house and hang out there the rest of the day and spend the night. It’s also a tradition for her to play games at her dad’s side of the family Christmas parties.

Winter means different types of things to different kids. Alex, Rebekah, and Brooke prove that winter fun has many meanings. Some see it as Christmas time, the fun festive season. Others see it as a time to work because of shoveling snow. Some kids see it as a chance for a day off by getting a snow day. Winter can be a beautiful thing or a hazardous thing to different people, but overall most people like the festivities that comes with winter.