Review: Annabelle


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Annabelle is about a doll that has been passed down through generations. The only thing is that the doll has a dark secret. Each family that has owned the doll has disappeared or been killed. This young couple move into a new home. The woman is pregnant with their first child. Once they have everything settled the mother-to-be finds a very large box, which her husband has given to her as a welcome home gift. The next day they wake up to find a cult group about to attack. The doll brings horror and evil that no one could ever imagine.

I am excited to watch this movie. It is after the movie “The Conjuring” and it seems like it will be a thrill seeker. I am going to be ready for all of the jump scares that will come with this movie. The only thing I would not like is the blood and scary faces.

I hope they add a third movie to “The Conjuring” series. It would be really cool and interesting to hear.

Annabelle is in theaters now.

Watch the official trailer below: