Maddie and Tae-Girl In A Country Song

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Maddie and Tae - Photo courtesy of
Maddie and Tae – Photo courtesy of

Maddie and Tae’s song, Girl In A Country Song, is one of the best songs to describe how bad societies views have gotten on how girls should act or even dress.

Girl In A Country Song describes how many men treat us as a trophy or an achievement to call us theirs but also try to control how we act and what we wear. ┬áIn the song, they explain that in the past, men didn’t write songs about showing off girls and making them wear revealing clothing. They explain how many men will whistle at us or call us “pretty little thing” and knowing thats not how they should be getting our attention.

I love that Maddie and Tae are trying to bring back respect for girls and show the world how it really makes us feel. I hope they write many more songs like this and get the message out so we can be respected like we were in the past.