Red Band Society Review

Staff and Staff

Red Band Society is about a group of kids living in a hospital with all different kinds of diseases and there doctors that come together and form a family. Some of them are sicker than others but they all care for one another equally. There are romances and arguments. Lies and truths. Some will bring them together and others tear them apart.

It all started when a new teen, Jordi, came in to get treated for cancer in his leg. Where he meets another guy who had lost his leg to cancer named Leo. Leo introduces him to all of his friends and shows him how they live there. He is there for Jordi as he is with all of his other friends. Leo and Jordi both fall for Emma, a girl with an eating disorder, but in her mind Leo and her are nothing more then friends but she sees potential in Jordi. Dash has a lung disease and is also Leo’s best friend. He is a gambler of the hospital. Kara is also new to the group. She is kind of the bad girl of the bunch. She was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. She was roomed with Charlie, a little boy who is in a coma. Charlie is kind of like a guardian angel to all of them. He meets with them when they are in surgery or when they black out. Nurse Jackson is the main nurse you see. She is hard and rude a lot of the time, but she has a big heart for the kids in the hospital and takes great responsibility in taking care of them. Doctor Adam McAndrew is the main doctor in there. He does Jordi’s and Leo’s surgeries.

This show is sure to make you see hospitals in a totally different way.