Star Trek into Darkness

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In 2009, Trekkies and the general movie audience alike were shocked by J.J. Abrams’ reinterpretation of the first Star Trek brought to the big screen. Visually brilliant and expertly plotted by the filmmakers, the film was a critical and commercial success, quickly gaining the respect of loyalist Trekkies who never dodged from the way that the original series was executed.

Now, Abrams has done it again. He has taken a seemingly archaic, somewhat out-of-touch, yet likeable television show, polished it up, and transformed it into a futuristic film series brimming with suspense and moving performances alike.

A masterful performance by actor Chris Pine captures the cocky, fiery, yet somewhat charismatic state of being that we find Captain James Kirk in at the beginning of the sequel.

The U.S.S. Enterprise crew is in a situation. While on a mission with the crew, the Vulcan Spock, marvelously brought to life by actor Zachary Quinto, faces his demise after a deadly chain of events triggers a chain reaction of life-threatening sorts.

Following this, Kirk, in his coveted role as captain of the Enterprise, makes a decision that could potentially strip him of his command – which is to break the Starfleet Prime Directive to save his crewman.

Kirk finds himself in a situation which unravels to a greater threat of the Starfleet. After an attack on Starfleet Headquarters, Kirk is reinstated as captain of the Enterprise. The crew is deployed on a mission to bring the perpetrator, Khan, a superhuman being- posing under the alias John Harrison- to justice. The villain is superbly portrayed by the unforgettable Benedict Cumberbatch, who may also be the strongest cast member in the film. He gives his character one of the darkest, menacing portrayals that a villain could ever hope to achieve.

After a twist which reveals that things are not what they seem, Kirk and Spock must work together to save the crew of the Enterprise from a deadly demise at the hands of Khan and certain others.

 Guaranteed to make even your begrudgingly loyal middle-aged fathers jump out of their seats from sheer suspense and power, Star Trek Into Darkness is a professional, brilliantly carried out sequel that slides solidly into line as a superb addition to the Star Trek film series.

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