7th Grade Football

Staff and Staff

“Snap to the quarterback, ball is thrown to the wide receiver at the 20 yard line, receiver runs the ball all the way to the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN!!!” Football is played by a wide range of ages. Football takes a lot of skills. Although these kids are young, they can still participate just as well as others. Running down the 100 yard field and tackling the opponent makes these kids just as tough as highschoolers. 7th graders Aaron Hurst and Kobe Baert play this sport.

Aaron Hurst is twelve years old, and he started playing football when he was nine. He is a quarterback, safety, and corner. Hurst says his favorite thing about the sport is throwing the football, and he works well with his teammates. The hardest thing for him is tackling.

Twelve year-old Kobe Baert says, “ My favorite thing about football is scrimmaging. My least favorite thing is conditioning.” Although football is a fun sport, there are some downs to it. Baert got hit in the back while playing football this year and suffered a neck injury. He had to wear a neck brace for two and a half months.

Overall, the team did very well this year with five wins and two losses. They had to work hard to achieve their goals and do their best. Even though there are injuries at times, they have fun and give it their all.