Being Bullied? Tell an Adult

Being Bullied? Tell an Adult


    Bullying is a big problem many kids are dealing with, bullying can impact mental health, substance use, suicide, deppresion and anxiety Bullying may also decreased academic achievement, making kids not want to go to school because they are being physically, verbally or mentaly bullied.

    There are four types of bullying, verbal, physical, relational, and cyber. Verbal bullying is ongoing name-calling, making disrespectful comments about someone’s, religion, appearance, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. Physical bullying is aggressive and may involve, repeated kicking, tripping, blocking, pushing, or any touching in unwanted ways and inappropriate ways. Relational bullying is deliberately preventing someone from being a part of or joining something. Cyber bullying is saying or spreading rumors, lies,  about someone on social media, text messages, emali or the internet. 

    Some bullies come from broken families or families where they may not have taught them what bullying is and the effects that bullying can have on people and sometimes bullies know that what they are doing or saying is hurting someone but do it because hurting someone else makes them feel better about themselves. Bullies often pick on the weaker kid, someone who they think they can have power over, getting a big reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want.

      If you or someone you know is being bullied tell an adult, tell someone you trust about what is going on and they can help you. You should not bully back because if you do they won’t be the only one getting in trouble. A,also you should try to hide your  emotions. Sometimes when the bully sees that what they are doing is upsetting you they will want to do it more because they know it’s bothering you.