OE Soccer Topples Durand



Tuesday, Oct. 8th was a good day for the Marauder’s boys varsity soccer team, as they beat The Durand Railroaders, with a score of 5-1. The Marauders played at home for this victory. At the end of the first half, the Marauders had a 2-0 lead over the Durand Railroaders. Calen Byrnes with one of the goals, and Joshua Swender with the other. 

Joshua Swender, a wing for the Marauders, said that the team worked pretty well together, they executed pretty good, but he also stated that they could have, and should have done better with execution because that was on the main things that the team worked on at practice. 

Ian Hehrer, another wing for the Marauders,said that the guys worked well together, and that their execution was decent. But Ian agreed with Josh when saying that their execution should have been better because they worked on it a lot at their practices. Overall Ian was happy with the outcome of the game. 

After the second half started, Durand scored a quick goal on the Marauders, because the Ovid-Elsie defense was not quit in the game yet. After the goalie, Nate Reser got scored on, the team’s four starting defenders, Brandon Grieder, Jackson Thornton, Colin Fluharty, and Noah Price-Jolly, really stepped up and played the rest of the game not getting scored on. As for offense, Cal Byrnes scored two more goals, Cameron Cuthbert with one as well. 

Overall the Ovid-Elsie soccer team came together, completed passes, executed well, and came out with a victory.