Robotics Team Seek Members


Elizabeth Hofer and Elizabeth Hofer

High school students who would like to participate in OE Robotics will be working together under strict rules, limited time and resources, and the design and construction of their robot. The season begins when teams of three are put into randomly assigned teams to create their robot in competing against each other to see who ranks the highest score. Each round there will be tasks in which their robot will be made to complete and if they do complete those tasks then that team will be given points. At least ten students should be recruited in order to have a Robotics team.

Robotics is super interesting given that you are building a robot and you must program it to complete different tasks in order to receive points. The idea of being hands-on with other people and building something to eventually make it move and do various tasks for you is quite honestly impressive. If the robot scores a high score, there is also a chance of the Robotics team qualifying for district championships and eventually to world championships. Mr. Topping, head of the Robotics team, said, “You get six weeks to build a robot following strict rules on what is allowed and not allowed while also keeping your cost under $5000. Students learn engineering, programming, and business skills first hand with our program.” The robot this year has not been decided as the season will not start until Nov. 1st.