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Survey Finds McDonalds Restaurant of Choice

Survey Finds McDonalds Restaurant of Choice

A recent survey found McDonalds to be the restaurant of choice to work at in the fast food industry.
Students were asked a variety of questions about the fast food industry. What we found was that most prefer to Work at McDonalds, followed by Arby’s. Burger King was the least favored
restaurant to be employed at. -This shows that more people would like to work at McDonald’s rather than the other two
restaurants listed. No one wanted to work at Burger King because it really wasn’t a favorite to the people who were surveyed.

People were asked what their favorite place or place of choice to eat would be at and more people would choose to eat at Chick-Fa-La followed by Culver’s. Wendy’s was the least picked place to eat at.
-This shows that more people would like to eat at Chick-Fa-La then the other restaurants listed. Wendy’s got one vote.

When surveying students about where their favorite place to eat at was, other restaurants made it to second place. Among them was Taco Bell. KFC got zero votes for this question.
-This shows that more people would rather go somewhere else for their favorite spot. KFC and Taco Bell aren’t too well known or around in the area that we live in. People said more of sit down restaurants like Chipotle when asked this question.

In this survey, people were asked what they would order at a fast food restaurant. Students voted for fries as a common order with chicken
and burger with a tie for last.
-These results show that more people would order everything or at least a burger or chicken when eating out. These results are not surprising because when eating out most people get the full meal with a drink to go along with it.

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Another question asked how many times per week people go to a restaurant and in first place came at least once a week. In a close second came at least three times a week and in last place was with one person for almost every day.

Students said that when at a place to eat, they mainly choose to drink pop. Other came in a close second also with shake in number three spot.
-These results show that most people would rather have a pop then any other drink. This is very popular anymore because most people get a pop when at a restaurant.

People were asked where they would go to dine in and the results came back with Apple Bees in number ones. For the other choices Big Boy came in second, other came in third and Olive Garden came in last for dine in options. -People’s favorite thing to do is go to Applebees. This was not too surprising because this is a very well known place and is a very nice place to go. Big Boy at a close second was kind of surprising because Olive Garden is a somewhat popular place for families to dine in at.

Students were then asked what their favorite pizzeria was. Other came in first along with Pizza Hut tagging close behind. Main Street came in third place for this question and Foo-G’s-Pizza came last.

Asked what people preferred for dining, dining in was a very popular option. Delivery and take out were a tie as well for this question asked.

Students were asked what their favorite ethnic place to eat was as well with Mexican food first and then Chinese food running up behind. Italian food came in third.

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Survey Finds McDonalds Restaurant of Choice