Student Council Planning During Shutdown

Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

This week the Student Council had a busy week trying to assess the virtual situation that has affected our school. Karli Witt, the vice president and a senior this year, filled in on what was happening.  The first question, “How has your experience been on the council?” She answered, “My student council experience has been amazing! I am glad that we get to make decisions for our school and put on great things for everyone to enjoy.” She was then asked if the council has any plans for when the whole school goes virtual. Witt replied that they are still trying to figure everything out but are planning to meet once a week for a formal meeting. 

She was then asked how the Executive Election went that was held on Nov. 16th. She went on to say that it went very well for the circumstances and that the Student Council has a very good Executive board. The students leading the Executive board will be Skylar Spitzley- President, Karli Witt- Vice President, Alexis Spitzley- Secretary, Keigan Ormes- Treasure, and Jollee Swender- Historian. 

The next question, “What is your favorite part of being on the student council?” She said, “My favorite part of the Student Council is getting closer with the people on council. With all the hard work we have to put in, we spend a lot of time together, which makes great, long lasting bonds and friendships grow.” The final question asked was what she would say to someone who was considering applying to the council. She answered with, “If someone was applying to the Student Council, I would tell them to make sure that they are willing to put in a ton of work for the Student Council. Student Council is a big commitment and you have to be willing to put in time and work for your school.”