Winter Activities: What Do You Like To Do?


Brooke Ladiski and Brooke Ladiski

Winter is upon us, and with that comes winter activities. So, what do Ovid Elsie High School students do for fun in the winter? To find out, we asked someone in the know. Senior, Allison Reppenhagen,  has some great answers. One of the first questions that she was asked was, ‘What is your favorite winter activity.’ She replied saying that she enjoys getting cozy in her pajamas with some hot cocoa and watching something on Netflix. She was also asked if she took part in winter sports such as skiing or ice skating. She likes to race around quads with her boyfriend Chandler Whitford and tubing.

“I like going to Snow Snake and going snow tubing.”

If she had the choice between staying inside or playing in the snow with her friends, she would rather hang out with her friends in the snow. Since this year has been a rollercoaster with the Covid-19 pandemic, the holidays may look a little different this year for some people.

“Covid will probably stop me from going to Snow Snake, but I like to play and spend time with my family in the snow. We build snowmen and have snowball fights.”

When the winter season comes around, that normally means that snow is on the ground. Knowing this, Reppenhagen was asked if she would be more interested in skiing or snowboarding. Her answer was that she doesn’t have a lot of experience with sports like that. At this point in the season, she thinks that there being snow on the ground on Christmas is slim, but she’s hoping for it.