Vaccination Mandates Eroding Rights

Vaccination Mandates Eroding Rights

Hayden Toribio

Have you been vaccinated? For around 58% of Americans that answer would be yes. This leaves about 42% of people that aren’t vaccinated. Whether you should or shouldn’t be vaccinated is not my choice, that is all on you to choose. I am only here to express my opinion on the mandate issued by President Biden that was placed on workers.

To start out, I do not agree with the restrictions on workers. I agree with the fact that we should place a mandate but not to what Joe Biden has placed on them. This is because while COVID 19 is bad and can be deadly it has a high survival rate. I get that wanting everything to stop and go back to what it was before is something that everyone wants. But forcing people to vaccinate or just get a test every week seems excessive. Shutting down any business that doesn’t comply is way too extreme. I’ll go into more depth and how I would make the mandate in the last body paragraph.

To continue, this mandate is highly strict with what it’s enforcing, meaning they could easily be broken by accident. This could leave a high business run all over the states or a small business trying to hold on in the trash. This would in-turn, have a ripple effect and hundreds of people would lose their jobs. Leaving all these people without jobs and no jobs opening means families would go hungry and without shelter. It would greatly negatively affect all families. If it’s a business where people get food, that means food would become scarce in the areas that depended on those businesses.

Lastly, I will explain what I would have done with this mandate instead. First I’ll address the shutting down of a business that cannot comply. I would let them have warnings. Two warnings and then after that they would get a temporary shutdown. This temporary shutdown would last until the Covid levels go down and it’s safe to. But they would still need to follow the other rules of the mandate. As for the rules it would go a little something like this; For businesses that have over 100 workers or less would need to do a covid check every other week. And would not need to be enforcing a vaccine but would highly recommend it. For businesses that have over 100 workers would need to do a Covid check every week for positions that are more contact- based while positions that aren’t as contact based stay and have the once every other week. And like before a vaccine would be recommended for them all but would not be enforced. A weekly reminder that the workers would be better off getting the vaccine than having to be tested every week or every other week would be sent out but it would not be telling them they need to be taking the vaccine.

To conclude this opinion, I believe that the mandate placed by President Biden is too excessive and should be less restrictive. After all, the people have the bigger voice and can choose if they want the vaccine or not. Leaving Americans without jobs and without food or homes leads to the people being unhappy. The downward spiral of America would be upon us, and maybe it already is.