Suns Win Over Clippers in Third Game of the Series

Drake Ritter

On Thursday April 20th at 9:45pm the Suns played the Clippers in their 3rd game of their series in the NBA Championship. The game took place at Crypto Arena in Los Angeles. In the first quarter the Sun and Clippers were tied headed into the second quarter where the suns would be up by 3, 54-51. Heading out of halftime the Suns kept putting on the heat and outscored the Clippers 40-34. In the 4th quarter the Clippers would try to make a comeback late in the 4th quarter outscoring the Suns 39-35, yet it just wasn’t enough and the Suns would come out victorious 129-124. They now lead the series 2-1 and only 2 rounds away from moving on. Some of the offensive leaders were Devin Booker from the Suns that had 45 points and for the Clippers it was Norman Powell who had 42 points. Some of the defensive leaders were Suns Deandre Ayton with 11 rebounds and the Clippers Russell Westbrook with 8 rebounds and 11 assists.