Netflix Maid Drama Deserves Second Season

Natalie Stoneman, Staff writer

The show Maid is a 10-episode drama made in 2021 and streamed on Netflix. It has one season and it stars Margaret Qually (Alex), Nick Robbinson (Shawn), and Rylea Whittet. The show had many directors including Wells, Nzingha Stewart, Lila Neugebauer, Helen Shaver, and Quyen “Q” Tran. It has been said that a new season for Maid will be released later.

The show is about a woman who has been abused by her boyfriend. For that reason, she leaves the house and tries to create a new life. She has many struggles in doing so. She is running low on money and has nowhere to stay. Social service will not help her and the struggles just keep growing and growing. Eventually, she finds a job to help her with her financial situation. She joins a maid company and cleans houses. While cleaning houses she finds many interesting people and things in the houses. 

The tomato meter rating for this show was 94% and the audience rating was 85%. Personally, I would rate this show a 8/10. I found it a binge-worthy show, but I don’t like how there is only one season. It has a very good storyline and has the potential to grow into a series, but they aren’t releasing any more episodes.