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My Favorite Sport by Kierah Darling

Dancing, Flipping, and Tumbling  are all part of gymnastics, which you may or may not have seen on TV during things like competitions or even the Olympics. This sport amazes me and just so happens to be my favorite sport, it means a lot to me because of many different reasons.

I have been doing gymnastics ever since i was two years old and it has been one of my favorite sports because of the family aspect of it. Every year a new person is added to my class, not only do I get to meet new people but I get to build a stronger relationship with the people who were already in the class. As I go throughout the year I build a family that I will have forever. I keep a bond will them even if they leave my class, girls that have graduated from school and went off onto college I still keep in touch with because they are my family now and I never miss a chance to catch up with them and see how there life is going. Despite them being family they’re also your best friends, and even though they dance with me they also go to school and can relate to the homework and other life situations that I have to deal with.

The tricks and dance that I get to do is so exciting. It feels amazing when I get a new trick or learn a new dance move, after practicing it for a long time. The more tricks I get, it’s rewarding  to look back and say “I remember when i used to be afraid to do that trick.” After the entire year it’s exciting to see how my class had grown as one and not only the tricks I master but also the tricks that the other girls master as well. All of the girls in my class always encourage each other by saying “you can do it.” or “You got this.” and that makes all the difference when trying a new trick. This leading me to the next reason as to why i love this sport so much.

Performing is one of the best feelings to do. In all of my dances there is usually one  trick that I am nervous about doing or am not sure that I can do. But once I get on stage ready to perform all my worries go away. My adrenaline is pumping so hard that I get the trick that I was nervous about every time, and every other trick in my routine as well. Last year I had to do a aerial which is a no-handed cartwheel, I was super anxious about doing it because I hadn’t performed the trick at practice because I was injured and I never could land it fully at practice, but I got it on stage and I could hear the crowd cheering for me as I landed, and that felt super good! after finishing the routine it’s always a big relief because I got through the whole thing when I thought I was not going to and their really was nothing to be worried about.

As you can see I enjoy gymnastics a lot and there are many reasons why, It truly is an amazing sport and takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I will continue to do dance for as long as I can and I cannot wait until dance season begins.