Teen Wolf season 6 trailer review


Staff and Staff

Teen Wolf recently released its trailer for its sixth season, the trailer is dark, mysterious and leaves you on your toes wanting more. Teen Wolf first premiered in June of 2011. It follows the story a sophomore in high school named Scott Mccall, and his transformation into a werewolf.
The show is similar to The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural when it comes to somewhat normal people living in a supernatural world. But as the show has grown so have the other plot lines in it, such as the life of his best friend Stiles Stilinski, Stiles is awkward, sarcastic, and has been “in love” with Lydia since the beginning of the show.
After five long seasons of dealing with all things supernatural related, the writers have finally decided to revolve this coming season about Stiles and how important he really is the shows plotline. From what the trailer shows we can infer that Stiles gets abducted by these ghost rider like villains. After getting abducted all of his friends, and even his dad seem to be forgetting he even existed. It shows Scott struggling to remember something and Lydia trying to get people to remember who he was, but no matter what she does no one can remember him, and everyone feels like they’re missing something very important.
The trailer ends with Stiles telling Lydia that he loves her before quite literally vanishing into thin air, this dramatic ending leave the viewers at a cliffhanger until the season premiere on Tuesday, November 15th at 9 p.m. on MTV.