REVIEW: Finding Dory


Staff and Staff

Finding Dory is the 2016 sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, and as a sequel, is an ingenious and stirring film, significantly better than many other movie follow ups. This may be partly because it can stand alone from the first. Kids and adults who have either never seen the original, or simply don’t quite recall it, can watch this film, with a similar plot, yet still understand it because, although it has a few returning characters, it also has a whole new set of characters, and follows, this time, Dory’s story, from the time she is a baby fish, to the time she meets Nemo and his father Marlin, and eventually to her realization that she has forgotten her parents. This sets her off on a wild journey across the ocean (and an aquarium) to find them, causing Nemo and Marlin to also go off on their own search, for Dory, when she gets separated from them. Viewers will enjoy the stunning collaborative animation of Disney and Pixar in this perilous and emotional film. As Dory struggles through heartache and memory issues to find her loving, regal blue tang parents, she meets a variety of wonderful, and not so wonderful characters, such as Hank, an octopus with so much detail as a missing tentacle, yet a great fluidity of motion, who helps Dory, albeit grumpily, navigate through the Marine Life Institute, the aquarium and marine hospital in the film. She also meets Bailey, a beluga whale who uses his echolocation to guide Dory through the pipes of the aquarium, and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark who used to be Dory’s “pipe pal” when Dory lived in the aquarium as a small child. The animation on all of these characters is so smooth and polished, I would call it one of Disney and Pixar’s best works. This, paired with the twisting plot and touching, realistic moments, makes this film more than what could have been asked in a sequel. I have already seen it twice in theaters, and would watch it again.