Michigan’s Stance in Water Pollution


Staff and Staff

Many things have affected The Pacific Ocean Patch, which is best known for being a plastic filled patch in the middle of the Pacific ocean that not only is polluting the water but is also killing a lot of the wildlife in and around it. Does Michigan play any part in The Pacific Ocean Patch?

To say something with the Pacific Ocean no, because we don’t drain into the Pacific Ocean.” Said Ms. Tracy Hoffman, Agricultural teacher. “We do drain through the St Lawrence river into the Atlantic Ocean. So we can have some effect at going towards the North East but were definitely not going to have any kind of significant effect.” With this you know that Michigan does not drain into the Pacific Ocean, but into the lesser known Atlantic Ocean Patch. Most people have heard of the Pacific Ocean Patch because it is by far the worst of all of them, but that doesn’t mean that people in Atlantic states don’t need to try and help clean up the water supply. Michigan water in some areas can be very bad and people like you can help to make Michigan a cleaner place, which in hand makes the Atlantic a cleaner place, and eventually the rest of the world.

“It depends on where you are in the state of Michigan, I know that when you get down in the more industrial areas the St. Joe area down south Lake Michigan.” Said Brian Topping, on how clean Michigan’s bodies of water are. Industry has been a problem in Michigan with keeping the water clean. This is no excuse to not help and clean up the pollution though.

“I would say that you got pollution obviously, and pollution is bad, but it’s very difficult to manage and keep pollution out of all bodies of water. Certainly you want to have the cleanest water possible.” Topping said on pollution.

“I feel that Michigan does a very good job in making sure that industry and agriculture and also personal use does a really good job of making sure that our water sources are kept clean and contaminate free.” Hoffman said on how well Michigan regulations do keeping our water clean.

Michigan water is quite controversial, but with how dirty some areas are and how clean others are there are always places to help out in.