FFA Votes In New Officers

FFA Votes In New Officers


The next FFA meeting is April 17th at 6:00 pm. The important thing about the next meeting is that FFA will be serving ice cream for every one that comes that is in FFA. The O-E FFA has over 120 members to keep everything running. This year they voted for the new officers electronically.

The members what their positions is President: Joseph Duckert, Vice President: Maddie Gavenda, Secretary: Aurora Hall,Treasurer: Quinn Thornton, Reporter: Kaylin Palus,

2nd Vice President: Skyler Brown,Sentinel: Tristin Ziola, Class rep for 2021- Valerie Saul,

President: Billy Harris,Vice President: Clarisse Fitzpatrick, Secretary: Emma Fox, Treasurer: Wyatt Wilcox, Reporter: Tori Maynard, Sentinel: Paula Olger.