Year-Round School Not All It’s Bargained For

Year-Round School Not All Its Bargained For

Jillian Bean and Jillian Bean

Year-round school is a topic that has been talked about all over the U.S. It’s something that has become a controversy among the school board. Many people, including parents and students, have shared their opinions on this topic. In my personal opinion, year-round school is a bad idea overall. 

Year-round schooling is a bad idea because it can make it difficult for students to get involved in their work. When a student is in school for only nine weeks at a time, they’re just getting wired up to begin the learning process and then they’re released from school for an extended break again. For those students who struggle with focusing already, the ongoing process of wiring up and winding down throughout the year can make it more difficult for them to stay involved with their work.

Year-round schooling doesn’t provide year-round activities. Districts don’t provide students with activities throughout the year, even though school is going year-round. Most high schools do not provide competitive sports throughout the year. Most teens would also like to find a job during the summer months to be able to save up money and buy things they want. The process goes away if the school is wanting agreement with a year-round schedule. 

This type of schooling changes the family schedule. Instead of figuring out summer supervision schedules, working parents in a year-round school must deal with finding daycare for their children at scattered periods throughout the year instead. It can be complicated to juggle school and work with this type of schedule that some two-parent households may have one parent stay at home to help manage it. 

All in all, year-round schooling is not a good idea for many reasons in my opinion. It can be very difficult to deal with for parents, students, and teachers alike. Even though it does have some benefits such as decreasing teacher and student absences and saving money on school facilities and staff resources, more bad outweighs the good.