Rotten Tomatoes Dishes Film Overviews


Samantha Snider and Samantha Snider

While I have been doing movie reviews I have been using this website called Rotten Tomatoes which is a movie or show reviewing site. So I have decided to do a review on the site. 

In my opinion Rotten Tomatoes has a very high set of standards and are very critical towards the movie or show. For example I watched a movie called Enola Holmes and heard all good things about it. I asked many different people and the majority of them said that they would rate it a 4.5 to 5 stars. On the website of Rotten Tomatoes for the audience score of 68%, close to 70 percent.

One good thing that I personally like about the website is that it gives you a good overview of the movie. It also shows you where and when you can watch it and the cast. 

Overall I personally wouldn’t use it to see if I would like that movie or not I would just watch it or get a rating from a friend. Companies that make movies know people rely on Rotten Tomatoes reviews for deciding on which movie to see. Their views can make or break a film.  If it gets less than a 60 percent rating, people typically do not go to see it.