OE Varsity Football Shuts Out Chesaning


Ashton Bruff and Ashton Bruff

Friday, September 24th, the Ovid-Elsie Marauders faced off against the Chesaning Indians. This very week just so happened to be Chesanings’ homecoming week and homecoming game. To be fair, no one likes to get blown out in any game they play in. But to get blown out “35-0” in your homecoming game is pretty demoralizing. And that’s basically the summary of the outcome of this game. In the opening minutes of the first quarter, Ovid-Elsie came out firing quickly as they took a 7-0 lead, and then kicked it off to Chesaning. The Indians didn’t generate much offense or ever seem to look like they were on the same page as one another. The opening drive quickly resulted in a 4th & 27 on their own 15- yard line. Ovid-Elsie then received the ball back and instantly came back with another touchdown and PAT. 14-0. Freshman QB Axel Newell and Senior Colin Fluharty had outstanding performances outside of the excellent team ball that they had played. Going into halftime it was 21-0.Ovid-Elsie advantage, the second half told the same story as the first. Poor execution by Chesaning and outstanding play by the Ovid-Elsie Marauders as they kept attacking the defense. By the time the clock wound down to 0, the deficit happened to be 35 points between the two teams. Ovid-Elsie:35 Chesaning:0. Freshman QB Axel Newell was asked some questions about the outcome of the game and his thoughts on how the team performed.

Q: “How do you feel your team executed against Chesaning?”

A: “ I feel like we did what we were supposed to last Friday, with players having injuries and Covid going around. We did a good job on focusing on what we can control and winning the game, big shout out to the o-line too.”

Q: “ What are your thoughts on how the rest of the season will go for you guys?”

A: “ I feel like if we stay on top of things we should have a big playoff run coming our way.”