Class of 2024 Officers Take Charge in Festivities


Karigann Cuthbert

Class officers for the class of 2024 had a great time setting up their hallway and decorating the float Friday of last week.  The team split up into groups to help concur all of the tasks ahead. Rian Kirby was in charge of separating groups for hallway decorating, and Jollee Swender was responsible for making subgroups for the float. Beforehand, the officers all spent time preparing everything so people could pick what they would like to do. There were subgroups for balloon arches, light coverages, streamers, etc. “The hallway decorating went a lot smoother than expected, and it was a good chance for the class of 2024 to bond. It has been a while since the class has been able to get together due to covid but this was a good start,” says Rian Kirby who supervised the hallway decorating. The class of 2024 definitely put in a lot of effort this week to make their hallway and float special, they are excited to see what the rest of the week holds.