On My Block Season 4, Just OK

On My Block Season 4, Just OK

Rian Kirby

Netflix’s On My Block is a hit show that aired its first episodes in 2018. On Oct. 4th of this year, the fourth and final season was released. The new season takes place two years after the final episode of season three, following the same four main characters.

Being set two years after the previous season, character development took place, as expected. The original crew is no longer close at the start of the season. As the episodes play out, the viewers see them get over their differences and slowly become friends again through many struggles and good times. 

Although Rotten Tomatoes critics gave On My Block: Chapter 4 a decent score of 86%, viewers rated it an average of 43%, and I can see why. Compared to the previous episodes, there isn’t as much action or humor. It simply doesn’t play up to the height that many adoring viewers expected. 

With that being said, I’d rate this season a 6/10. I’d recommend it to people who watched the other three seasons, just because it seems necessary to finish out the season. New viewers likely wouldn’t be too impressed with the new episodes though.