Step Brothers Becoming Cult Favorite


Vanessa Darling

Step Brothers, a comedy movie, is very funny and very suspenseful on what happens with the two brothers and their families. It is fair to say this movie is a cult classic with a strong following. It was released on July 25th, 2008, I would recommend this movie to a group of teenagers or to a family with teenagers as kids.

    Brennan Huff is played by Will Ferrell, Dale Boback is played by John C. Reilly as well as some more recognizable and amazing actors throughout the movie. Each character is played well throughout and the way that the movie plays leaves a very suspenseful though of what will happen next. Also, it has very funny scenes that will have you laughing no matter what.

     The film is set in Southern California, where two grown unemployed male adults who still live with their parents, become step brothers due to their parents meeting and getting married. Brennan and Dale hate each other in the beginning but something happens and they become best friends. Something tragic happens to their dad’s boat which involved them. The two parents decide it was best to get a divorce, the two boys decide it is best for them to work together to bring the family back together. Rotten Tomatoes rates this movie at 55% which I would have to disagree. I would personally rate this movie a 8/10 because this movie is funny and immature which I like and it makes me have a good day when I am feeling down. Also, when me and my cousins get together, this is one of the movies that we enjoy watching together.