REVIEW: Call of Duty: Ghosts


Staff and Staff

Artwork courtesy of Activision Publishing, Inc.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set ten years after devastating mass event. The United State is not a superpower anymore, with its economy and government in ashes. The remainder of the nation’s Special Operations Forces, the Ghosts, fight a newly emerged technologically-superior global power not for freedom or liberty, but simply to survive. There’s a multi-player mode on it like they have included in previous versions of the game series, but there are no zombies this time. Instead, Call of Duty: Ghosts features an alien invasion. It’s about where you, the player, have to live and destroy the aliens so the human race will live on. It’s really hard.

I think it’s a good game, but it could be batter. The alien invasion could be a little easier and it gets harder as you go throughout the game. Also, I wish you could get more clips for your gun easier and there should be better weapons. The game would benefit from including the mystery box from previous versions. It helped you get better weapon instead of just finding them. I like the multi-player mode because its makes it more fun. The campaign is fine and the songs are good.