Children Should Grow Up, Not Out


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Child obesity is becoming a rapidly rising health risk in many developed countries around the world. The main country affected by this disease is the United States. The risks of child obesity are causing many problems, mainly because people don’t know the long term risks. Childhood obesity in developed countries is a growing issue that is causing numerous long-term health problems.

One of the reasons child obesity is so bad is because of the higher risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 70% of children who are obese will develop some form of cardiovascular disease when they are adults.

Students of all ages need to consider how the food they eat will affect their health. This idea for a graduation celebration menu includes pulled pork sliders. (Kathleen Galligan/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

Prediabetes and joint problems are other health problems obese children will have to face. If something is not done about the growing problem in children, numerous cases of type II diabetes will be happening in obese adults. All of the extra weight causes pressure on joints, and deteriorates them faster than the average child.

The mental affects of child obesity is probably one of the most alarming side-effects. Unlike the physical problems the children go through, mental challenges will stick with you forever. Many people believe the mental problems like depression and low self-esteem are more harmful than physical pains.

Not everyone believes child obesity is a cause for concern. These people believe these kids are just growing, and they are going to grow into their weight. I disagree with this because children should be growing up, not out!

There are ways that childhood obesity can be reversed, or even prevented. Eating healthier is one simple way of staying small. Getting outside and exercising more will dramatically help to reduce the amount of obese children.