Staff and Staff

The original and newly added LCC classes have been very beneficial for high students over the course of the school year.  

The high school and Lansing Community College have provided the following classes for the college advancement program: Writing 121 (Composition 1), Geography 221 (Physical Geography), Psychology 200 (Introduction to Psychology), and Economics 201 (Power, Authority, and Exchange).

“Each of the LCC classes in the program are online classes with four college credits,” student service member Sue Horak said. “Each also provide three or four face to face meeting with a college professor, especially for the final exams the students have to take.”

Students that have taken one or more of the courses are believed to have benefited from participating in the program.

“I strongly believe that students have and could benefit from taking one or more of the college classes because the credits are free and the experience can benefit the students for whichever college they decide to attend in the future,” Horak said. “The students gain pre-college experience with the professors and the online assessments. The program is a very effective opportunity for them and their future college years.”