What Now?


Staff and Staff


With graduation around the corner, seniors are making preparations for what they are going to do after high school.

“I plan on going to CMU to study meteorology,” senior Jared Harper said. Many of the seniors are aiming to go to college within the next year.

“After high school I want to attend Grand Valley State University to become a nurse,” senior Kora Davis said. She wants to be a nurse because her mother is one.

“My plans for after I graduate high school are to attend central michigan university through the Broadcast Journalism program and then after that I wish to pursue a career in the local news station as a producer,” senior Natalie DeLong said.

She wants to do Broadcast Journalism because she has done a lot with the journalism staff here and really enjoyed it in the past.

For other students though, college may not be the biggest priority on their list. Some of the graduating class will go into other fields that may not require going to college.

“I plan to become an actor or a cook,” senior Dylan Kinnamon said. Kinnamon has been in both plays that the drama club has performed.

“Ever since I was little everybody told me I was just like Jim Carrey,” Kinnamon said.