Last Note Standing


Staff and Staff

With each day band festival is getting closer and closer. With such a rapid approach, band members start to reflect back over their high school experiences.

“I love it with all my heart,” senior Sabreena Hammond said. According to Hammond, the band has changed from a burden to more of a passion.

Opinions vary from person to person, and working with so many underclassmen it can be a challenge.

“It can be stressful at times, but most of them want to be there and want to learn.” sophomore Connor Brown said.

Most band members predict that they will receive low scores at festival, but hope for the best.

“I hope to make it to states, that would be fun to do it again.” senior Dylan Kinnaman said.

In previous years the band has made it to states a handful of times. If they make it to states this year, it would be their second year in a row. This year at Marching band festival, the band performed selections by John Williams. Their selections included songs from Star Wars, Jaws/Superman, and Indiana Jones. The band scored overall twos at festival.

“Band is more fun than when I was a freshman,” Kinnaman said. “When I was a freshman, it was kinda terrifying.”
Connor Brown is considering continuing his musical career in College, while Sabreena plans on continuing her musical career in college. She wants music to be one of her majors. Dylan Kinnaman plans on continuing his musical career in college but only concert band and not marching.