New Play Coming Up; Theatre Etiquette Encouraged


Taken by Vidalia Wenzlick


Keep phones off, or quit during the show. Also no flash photography.

When you think of theatre etiquette you may think of a very fancy, and classy place to see a show. You would be right to think this, but theatre etiquette applies to all places they would show any form of entertainment. The first play for drama class is coming up. Each ticket cost $2. With prices so low you can expect most of the school to attend.

Students have been preparing all year to perform Ten Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Now it’s your turn to prepare. During the show be sure to be polite to the performers and the other workers running the show.

“Laugh when it’s appropriate,” said sophomore Jasmine Blemaster. “But don’t make it extreme.” The people on stage and behind the scenes know the show is supposed to be funny, but they will know if your laugh is genuine or fake. Please be polite and laugh when it’s funny, not if somebody messes up, and don’t fake it. Being loud is another issue altogether though.

“Sit, listen, don’t be on your phones, don’t talk to your friends. Just listen if you need to though whisper.” Be sure you are not talking to the person next to you. It is distracting and disrespectful. “Don’t talk, tea,” said Junior Lauren Harper.

“No phones, no flash photography,” said Junior Dawson Coldiron. “Preferably be quiet, unless you’re laughing.”

Dawson brings up a good point. When in the theatre make sure to turn your phones off, or at least on mute or vibrate. Photography is ok, but make sure your not shining lights into the actor’s eyes. Also, while at a show try to pay as much attention to the show as you can.

“Just have a good time and don’t cause a ruckus.” Said sophomore Daniel Dunlap.