OE Art Students Learn New Technique



Painting students in teacher Laura Weber’s advanced art class are learning a unique skill using cardboard to help expand their artistic abilities. To do this certain technique, they were asked to accomplish the cardboard project. 

“You can only use cardboard and charcoal to outline and design it,” senior Karlee Willaford said. “No brushes are allowed, you paint it with cardboard only.” By primarily using cardboard, it helps to find that control some people can’t find right away with brushes. A mistake is more likely to occur, since there is a lack of coordination jumping in with brushes. 

It is quite “challenging,” said senior Megan Ladiski. Using the cardboard over brushes doesn’t give you, “(as) much control,” she added., “As well as not knowing how to use the cardboard in a way to get accurate lines.” 

Although, it is all a personal preference. Willaford also mentioned how she doesn’t like to use cardboard, she’d rather use brushes. “It just depends on what you like.” 

Either way, brushes or cardboard, you can get the job done. By trying cardboard, this technique could help you broaden for future artistic activities like what sophomore Richard Ruston later mentioned, “trying new things help you a lot.”