Scary Stories Aims for Wide Audience



A thrilling horror film, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a dramatic and engaging film that grasps your attention as well as your goosebumps. Though it is a horror movie that was originally R-rated, it was watered down to make it PG-13, perfect for younger horror film lovers.  It features Zoe Margaret Colletti, Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur, and Micheal Garza as a group of friends who take you through their journey to survive the terror of Sarah Bellows book of horrors. 

It starts with a group of teens who stumble upon Sarah’s haunted mansion while trying to make a Halloween they won’t forget. Not expecting the mansion to actually be haunted, they go inside and find a book full of frightening stories. Afterwards, strange things start happening to the people they know with the same names as the people in the book. The teens have to come up with a ways to defeat the monsters that haunt them before it’s too late. 

Through the film many of the star’s friends die, but the ones that survive become closer. At the beginning  of the film, Micheal Garza’s character is a new face to the rest of the characters, but as the film goes on, he has an everlasting bond with the rest of the characters. 

I would rate this film 8/10. All of the characters work well together and the script is very well written. The pictures are very gruesome, but still bearable for the young viewers who would like to watch. Though some horror movie lovers were disappointed at how conservative the material was, the younger viewers still had chills throughout the film. If you are interested in starting to watch horror movies, this is a perfect movie for you.