Gotham Provides Alternate Backstory for Batman



Fox’s television show Gotham lasted from Sept. 22nd of 2014 to April 25th of 2019 and is highly accepted as an alternate reality of what we know of Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordan and many other characters from the DC Comics. 

Season One starts with Bruce Wayne walking down an alley with his parents and then seeing them get killed right in front of him. This scene also includes Selina Kyle who is a common thief and is the only one that saw the murder of Bruce’s parents. This season really just introduced the heroes and villains of the entire five seasons and cemented a relationship between Bruce and Selina that started out as romantic but in later seasons became more like a brother sister relationship. They did a great job showing both sides of people where some are rich and the rest are poor. 

Season Two introduces Theo Galavan and his plan to be Mayor and rule Gotham, but wait! What’s this? He actually wants to kill Bruce Wayne so that he can get revenge for his family that was banished from Gotham 100sof years ago. His family had to get their name changed from Dumas to Galavan to hide the shame of what happened and swore they would be back one day to kill the other four families that “plagued” Gotham. Selina and Bruce have issues in this season as Theo Galavan introduced Bruce to his Niece and they start dating,  making Selina upset. This creates a wall between them but that wall falls by the end of the season with only a wedge in Season Three. 

Season Three3 sees Jim Gordon kicked out of the GCPD because he killed Theo Galavan who comes back to life and then dies again after trying to kill Bruce Wayne again, because of these events Jim becomes a bounty hunter and tracks down the criminals and people that the GCPD does not want to deal with. Selina and Bruce also figure out their differences and become close and eventually become a couple. The issue with the relationship is that Selina knows of the romance between them but denies that they are a couple and Bruce also sees the romance between them and wants to let people know, but they both know that they are from different worlds and know that if anything bad happened to Gotham they could not share a life together. 

Season Four sees them turn into a brother sister duo and not a romantic duo, they care for each other, but it’s at this point where their alternate egos start coming out. This is where the romance merges into a brother sister duo and more problems show up, forcing them to rely on each other. This brother sister relationship comes with its own problems, however, as Bruce finds himself in the snowy mountains of an unknown country. Selina thinks that at this point he left her and never wants to see her again because their roles changed. He then comes back later on and meets up with Jim Gordon and others, but is again pulled away because of someone nicknamed “The Demons Head” or Ra’s Al Ghul. Bruce kills him in the first hour of meeting and he thought that it was over until Ra’s came back to life with the use of Bruce’s blood. Not long after he met up with Jeremiah Valeska and in the process Selina was shot and all of Gotham became a criminal playground and an island.

Season Five only has 12 episodes and shows the anarchy of Gotham after letting villains like Penguin and The Riddler run wild for four years. Selina getting shot resulted in her becoming paralized and being helpless to do anything. She wanted to commit suicide. Bruce helps her through it and finds a way to get her to walk again, When they hug for the first time since her being paralized her cat like part of her takes over. Jim Gordon after almost a year takes down all the crime bosses and bringsGotham back to its former glory. Bruce then decides that he must leave and return only when he is ready to protect the city he grew up in, Selina on the other hand was not so happy with him leaving and chased after him only to find he was already in the air when he left.

Ten years later is the last episode and it shows Bruce as Batman and Selina as Catwoman. When the night ends of Wayne enterprises opening after 10 years of being closed, Bruce shows up in the shadows and talks to Selina. She said that she needed Bruce, but he left and never looked back or cared. He then disappeared and went to fight crime. The show Gotham from Fox was great and added a new story to every character. Never before have we seen the story go to the teen years of Bruce Wayne It was a great story add in.