Playstation Tops in Gameplay




A recent survey that was handed out to Ovid-Elsie students found that a lot of kids like to play some kind of video game. 

This survey was handed out to Matt Grandstaff’s fifth hour, and a select few students in Michael Puffpaff’s fifth hour Journalism Writing class for a total of 30 surveys conducted. The students answered a total of six questions, they all had a variety of answers. The sixth question that was asked was, “If you had the option to either play video games all day or go outside, what would you do?” The most common answer was go outside, a whopping 21 out of 30 students said that they would rather go outside than play video games. 

The first question that was asked was, “Do you play video games?” Of the total, 25 of the students said that they do play video games, and only five said that they don’t play video games.

The second question the students answered was, “What console do you like playing on most?” The most common answer was PlayStation, 10 of the 30 students that were asked all said that out of all of the options, they enjoy playing on the PlayStation the most. The second most common answer was playing the XBOX, or playing on something other than what was listed, eight students chose the XBOX as their favorite, and eight other students chose something other than the options given to them. Lastly, the least common answer was the Wii. Only four students said that they enjoy playing the Wii. 

Finally, the fifth question that t  students were asked was, “Do you enjoy playing the games on cool math games?” A total of 19 students said yes, they do enjoy playing on cool math games, eight students said no, they do not like playing games on cool math games, and three students said they only like playing games on cool math games sometimes, other times they do not.