In the Tall Grass has Mixed Reviews


Claire Thornton and Claire Thornton

In The Tall Grass is a mysterious newly released movie. It was released on Oct. 4th, 2019. This movie is based on the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill also called, “In The Tall Grass.” 

The plot is very interesting. A pair of siblings hear a young boy crying out for help from a field of tall grass. They go into the grass to try to find the boy. A force separates them in the grass and makes it impossible to find their way back to each other. They both try to find their way out of the grass but they both can not escape and they realize there is something evil lurking in the grass. They discover the mysterious rock will lead them out. 

In The Tall Grass was directed by Vincenzo Natali and is produced by Copperheart Entertainment, it is streamed on Netflix. This movie is 90 minutes long and its genre is mystery and suspense. 

The movie starred, Patrick Wilson, Harrison Gilbertson, Rachel Wilson, Will Buie Jr, and Laysla De Oliveira. This cast did a very good job at helping us see Stephen King’s vision come to life.

In The Tall Grass has many bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Comments are saying that the movie repeated itself and it was too long and drawn out. I agree with these comments because the beginning started off very good and it was very scary and mysterious but as it was nearing the end, it started to lose the suspense and became boring. I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 because of the disappointing ending.