Thanksgiving Survey Rates Pie Choice


Claire Thornton and Claire Thornton

A total of 20 Ovid-Elsie High School students took a survey about Thanksgiving. 

The results showed that 19 of the students enjoy Thanksgiving but one person does not. 

All 20 of the students said they spend their Thanksgiving with their relatives. Olivia Burt said, “I enjoy spending Thanksgiving with my relatives because I get to see family that I don’t usually get to see and it is nice catching up.”

The survey showed mashed potatoes has the most votes for favorite Thanksgiving food, but not by much. Seven people said mashed potatoes were their favorite, but the Thanksgiving turkey was only behind by one vote.

The survey showed that pumpkin pie is the favorite pie flavor. Pumpkin pie got half of the votes from the OEHS students. Cherry got four, apple got three, blueberry got three, and pecan got zero votes.