Holiday Comedy Free Birds Good for Families



The adventure comedy, Free Birds is a trip of a lifetime for the whole family to enjoy. Featuring Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson as two turkeys that travel through time to change Thanksgiving. 

It all starts when a turkey named Reggie gets picked to be the U.S. President Bill Clinton’s chosen turkey. Once he finds out that Clinton was intending on eating him for his dinner, he runs away. He then meets Jake, who helps him find a time machines so they can change the way people eat during Thanksgiving. This adventure led Reggie to the love of his life and showed the importance of family as well. 

Through the movie, Reggie and Jake become closer friends and eventually would lose their lives for each other.  Though the turkeys from the past don’t particularly like the new comers, they never doubt each other and keep their goal of changing their future as their main priority. 

I would rate this film 9/10 stars. Wilson and Harrelson do a very good job of showing the importance of friends and keeping your head in the game even when things aren’t going well. The pictures are animated, but the images are clear and characters are friendly looking. Throughout, the characters say and do silly things that will get a kick out of any age. If you are looking for an adventurous and humorous film to watch with your family during the Thanksgiving Holiday, I highly suggest this movie for you.