Guess What: Tik Tok is Addicting



A survey about a very popular social media app called Tik Tok was recently handed out to a handful of students in every grade at Ovid-Elsie Highschool. The survey found that Tik Tok is a very addicting app. 

This survey was handed out to some students in Kevin Sommer’s fifth hour, and some of the students in Michael Puffpaff’s fifth hour class, for a total of 30 surveys conducted. There was a total of nine questions that the students had to answer, and they all had very similar answers to almost all of the questions. The eighth question that was asked was, “Do you think Tik Tok is an addicting app?” A total of 23 students out of 30 answered yes, they do believe that Tik Tok is very addicting, not only to kids, but even some adults. 

Another question was asked was, “Have you ever watched Tik Tok?” A total of 29 students, out of 30, said that they have watched Tik Toks before, with only one person saying that they have not seen a Tik Tok ever, just shows that it is a very popular app that a lot of people use. 

Finally, the students were asked, “Do you enjoy watching Tik Toks?” A total of 24 students said that they enjoy watching the Tik Tok videos that people make and post online, and only six students said that they do not like watching the videos that are made. Overall, Tik Tok is liked by very many people, almost everyone watches the videos that are created, and even though they may not enjoy watching them, the app is so addicting that they may do it any way.