Irishman Becomes Classic Gangster Movie



Netflix introduced a new original movie: The Irishman. Based on true events, the true crime movie is R-rated with three and a half hours of exciting, unpredictable content. 

Frank Sheeran, a meat truck driver, meets Italian gangster Russell Bufalino in the 1950s. Frank soon starts to work for him as a hitman, and eventually gets involved with the entire Bufalino crime family in Pennsylvania. As he becomes top hitman, he also befriends and starts to work for the union leader and Teamster who is tied to organized crime, Jimmy Hoffa. 

Robert De Niro plays the main role, Frank Sheeran. De Niro is the perfect actor for Frank; he perfectly portrays his personality. Frank is calm but firm, kind but intimidating. It is often hard to tell what he is thinking.                                                                           

Director Martin Scorsese doesn’t glorify the life of a gangster, like some other films about crime families and mobsters. Frank hasn’t had a good relationship with his daughter, Peggy, since she was little- and their relationship had never been repaired. Even by the end of his life, she wasn’t able to confront him about the horrible things he has done. The film worked a lot with CGI to change the age of characters. The film shows 30+ years of Frank’s life, and CGI helped every actor to match the character’s age in appearance and vocals. However, De Niro also had blue eye contacts for Frank instead of his own brown, and a lot of viewers were distracted by the vibrance of the contacts. Also, some of the sound effects for the violence portrayed in the film- stomping, kicking, punching- sounded muffled and odd.  

I would rate this movie five stars out of five. The film tells the story of Frank Sheeran very well, and the acting and other aspects of The Irishman makes it a new classic mobster movie for years to come.