OE Scavenger Hunt: The Game is Afoot


OE students, ready, set, go!   A Christmas Scavenger Hunt is afoot. Braylon Byrnes, who is a member of OE Student Council, came up with the idea for the scavenger hunt throughout the high school. They have hidden elves, snowmen, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and Rudolf somewhere in the school and want students to find them throughout the week. 

All characters are about 2.5 inches tall and have been hidden throughout the cafeteria, lobby, and hallways that you are allowed to roam during lunch times! Characters can be turned into the Marauder Cafe’ when they are found before school, during passing times, and during both lunches. Characters that are turned in during class time will not be counted.

There are so many of the characters hidden in the school that need to be found and they are each worth a certain amount of points awarded to the team that has found one and turned it into the Marauder Cafe. The list below tells you how many points each character is worth and how many have been hidden.

Rudolf: 20 points; one has been hidden

Santa Claus: 10 points; one has been hidden

Mrs. Claus: 10 points; one has been hidden

Snowmen: 5 points; five have been hidden

Elves: 1 point; ten have been hidden

There is going to be a prize at the end of the week for the team with the most points but nobody is sure what the prize is going to be.