Christmas With the Kranks Classic Holiday Show



The holiday comedy, Christmas With the Kranks is a not so cheerful holiday movie but will still leave a smile on your face. Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen as a struggling married couple trying to make it through the holidays. 

It all starts when Nora and Luther Krank’s daughter, Blair, leaves the country to celebrate Christmas in the jungle. In desperate need of trying to enjoy the holidays without their daughter, the Kranks decide to skip Christmas entirely and go on a cruise instead. They do very well dogging all of the spirit, until Christmas eve arrives and Blair decides to return home. 

Through the movie, Nora Krank tries to give into all the temptations of Christmas, but Luther keeps her head in the game and focused on a tropical get away. Though everyone in the neighborhood was displeased with their doggy behavior, the couple stays strong and makes it through the holidays in one piece. 

I would rate this film 8/10 stars, though the Rotten Tomatoe rate is only 5%. Curtis and Allen do well showcasing the heartbreak of a child leaving the nest in a very humorous way. This film was directed by Joe Roth, who also made The Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Oz, Daddy Day Care, and many more. If you are looking for a fun holiday movie to watch when bored of the Hallmarks, I highly suggest, Christmas With the Kranks.