Mariachis, flowers Used in Mexican Celebration



February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Mexico and throughout the world. This celebration is nothing recent, the world has been celebrating this date for more than 500 years.

In February all stores and restaurants in Mexico are decorated with cupids, flowers, ribbons and pink hearts. Street vendors start their business in the streets by proclaiming and selling flowers with heart-shaped balloons

While most prefer to celebrate with their partner; It is also a day of friendship and there are those who celebrate it with their parents, siblings, other relatives or co-workers or students.

Customs for Valentine’s Day in Mexico

“The walk” is a traditional pastime of Valentine’s Day in Mexico they perform at night in many small towns. This custom is carried out by the youth of the community they gather in the square and parade in circles under the gaze of their relatives. The boys walk in one direction and the girls in the opposite direction. When a young man sees a girl who arouses his interest, he gives her a rose, and if in the next round the girl has a rose, it is that she is not indifferent to her admirer.

Another common way for a lover to win the love of his beloved on the eve of Valentine’s Day is to hire a group of Mariachis, a traditional three-piece band. The musicians accompany the gallant while he serenades his beloved under her window.

The Mexicans have taken as a custom on Valentine’s Day to give more rewarding and beneficial experiences since they leave an emotional imprint on the recipient and allow them to enjoy the gift as a couple.

Photo – Thomas Hawk – Happy Valentine’s Day