OE Marching Band Appears in Pregame

Brooke Ladiski and Brooke Ladiski

Due to the new rule of 1,000 prospects in a stadium, the OE High School Marching Band is able to participate in home football games. Jeanine Ignash, the band director, said the plan at the moment is to play a pre-game on Oct 16th which is the Ovid-Elsie Marauders Homecoming game. They will not be sitting in the stands or playing during halftime. They will only be there for pre-game due to spacing, leaving enough room for other people coming to watch the game. 

The school is planning a Homecoming event during school that day as well where the band will be marching around the track. This is where they will announce Homecoming King and Queen. However, the band will not be playing while the court walks like they have in previous years.  

Ignash said this is what she knows about right now. She is trying her best to move forward smoothly with everything being planned last minute. 

“We have three rehearsals in class before the 16th,” Ignash said.

The band has been working hard to be performance ready. The Freshman are learning how to march properly for the first time since they did not have a band camp this summer, so they have a little more work than the rest. Although this year is not what they had hoped, the band is looking forward to playing music and showing their school spirit at the football game.