Drop Dead Fred A Cult Classic


My first impressions for the movie, Drop Dead Fred, were rather mediocre as the humor was too wacky and the story wasn’t that great.

The story starts off with Elizabeth having a good life, but when everything falls apart for her she finds an old music box when she stays at her mother’s house.  Inside of the box was her imaginary friend, Fred, who was previously locked in the box from her childhood.  Now she must try to find meaning in her life by finding her one true love, Charles, and try to make him come back while also dealing with Fred’s antics.   

As for the review itself it had a pretty good cast with actors like Carrie Fisher, Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall, and director Ate de Jong.  They flowed rather well together to try and make an engaging story but the humor in the movie is too wacky for most people to bear with.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, one of the critics says, “Drop Dead Fred is an erratic stab at making madness sensible, a slapstick nightmare that goes too sane, that tries too hard to be good and rotten.”  They gave this movie a rating of 11% which would make it a terrible movie for their standards.

My personal rating of the movie is a 6/10.  Some things that I did like about the movie were the transitions from her life now to her childhood with her imaginary friend being in the flashbacks.  The ending was also rather wholesome as she found what she really wanted in the end instead of false needs.  Some things that I did not like about the movie was that it was trying to be some sort of romance with a lackluster relationship and the humor is not that great.

My recommendation is that if you can bear the humor within it, you should give the movie a watch but otherwise you aren’t really missing anything if you don’t watch it.