What’s It Like Being on Student Council


Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

Since the Homecoming week of festivities is over, the OE Student Council can finally take a breath, before going into something that big again, with such little time. For now, we get to catch up on some interviews with the kids on the council. 

Braeden Tokar, a freshman this year, had her own opinion on how the Student Council was doing and how she felt as a member. The first question that was brought up to Tokar, “How do you juggle school and sports?” She responded with, “Usually they don’t overlap but I try to make some of my free time to get ahead of my work so I don’t have much homework.” Braeden is on the council, is a good student, and is somehow fitting in time to be on the JV Volleyball team and plays another league for basketball. The second question was how Covid-19 has impacted the council’s plans for this year. She said that Covid has made planning parties and events harder because of the big groups, but they are trying to make it work by having some fun this year. 

The next question was, “Do you think you have a good group on the council?” She answered with, “Yes I do, everyone is contributing to things and we make a great team.” Another question asked was if they had any major plans or big events coming up. She said that they were just taking a break for a moment to get everything cleaned up from the Homecoming craziness and that she wasn’t sure what was in store for the next couple of weeks. The final question was, “What would you say to someone who wanted to join the council?” She answered positively with, “If you are looking to join the Student Council next year that is great! Make sure you come ready to work and to contribute ideas.” All in all, Braeden says the council is doing good and that they are making it work with the state we are in.