Student Council Shares Incite; Virtual Dress Up Days

Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

This week, Alexis Spitzley said a few words about how the Student Council was handling things under these circumstances. Spitzley is a sophomore this year and is in her second year with the council. She is also on the Executive Board as secretary. 

The first questions she answered was about how the experience has been this year. She explained with a well thought out answer, “My experience this year on the Student Council has been great. Being that it is my second year I feel like I have grown so much in my leadership skills and that I have become more involved. We got a lot of new members this year that have contributed immensely and have helped us adapt to this difficult time. It has been a little disappointing because we were not able to plan our Homecoming dance or do regular homecoming things, but we adjusted and worked together.” For her next question she was asked, “How has being secretary influenced you?” Spitzley responded that, “Being Student Council secretary has influenced me to share more ideas and contribute more to the Student Council. This large role I play has influenced me to stay organized and take Student Council even more seriously because my position has a direct impact on the group’s effectiveness.”

Another question asked was about how they were dealing with the virtual obstacles this year. She explained that it has been very chaotic and difficult to try and plan things when you aren’t sure if they can happen. However, we can all do virtual meets which has been helpful and everyone is participating as much as possible. She was asked how the environment has been with the council and she answered saying, “The environment for the meetings is exceptional. The members of the Student Council are very mature and all bring good ideas to the table. When some people may have a crazy idea it is not judged and is always taken into consideration. When a member may disagree with a way we should do something the environment is friendly enough to bring up their concern without shutting them down. We all get along and I personally feel that even our newest members feel comfortable talking to the president and older members.” Then, the question about whether they had anything planned for the holidays was brought to the table. She answered hesitantly, “Student Council is trying to do “Holiday Week” over the holidays. If we are able to go back to school this will also be a canned food drive. However, this seems unlikely so we are mainly focusing on spirit days to get everyone involved and in the spirit of Christmas. Under the circumstances, I believe we may get a few people to dress up and send pictures in, but it may be a hassle for some students, and some students would rather stay in comfortable clothing to do school work. With that taken into consideration, we are hopeful that at least 30% of the student body will participate.” 

Lastly, Spitzley was asked what her favorite part about the council was. She explained, “My favorite part about Student Council would probably have to be the members. Everyone is so nice, understanding, and nonjudgmental so I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts to help make the events we host fun and make our school a better place. I feel very involved and included and befriended by everyone even if they are not in the same grade as I am in or the same social group. I always seem to enjoy myself just in the everyday meetings by laughing and having fun while accomplishing goals.”.