Wild Hearts, a Family Oriented Movie

Wild Hearts, a Family Oriented Movie

Madison Larson and Madison Larson

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is set in South Carolina where Sonora Webster is forced to live with her aunt after the death of her parents. Sonora, played by Gabriell Anwar, leaves home after her aunt Helen tells her she will be turned over to the state. Fascinated by an ad she sees in the newspaper, the young girl goes off on her own. Sonora approaches Dr. Carver, played by Cliff Robertson, and insists that she is the perfect fit for his new diving girl. Sonora was fascinated by the idea of riding a horse as it dove from high heights into the pool below the tower. Need to explain this further is it a high school diving team? Despite being turned down as a diving girl, Sonora joins the team on a trip to Virginia to work as a stable girl. Al, Dr. Carver’s son, played by

Michael Schoeffling, works with Sonora behind his fathers back. The two successfully train a

horse, causing Dr. Carver to agree to train Sonora as a diving girl. Sonora soon rises to fame

after the previous diving girl gets injured. After the unexpected death of Dr. Carver, the two

continue on with his show. Al and Sonora fall in love during their time together, leading to Al

proposing. After the proposal, Sonora was involved in a tragicAmazon.com: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken: Gabrielle Anwar, Michael  Schoeffling, Cliff Robertson, Kathleen York, Frank Renzulli, Nancy Moore,  Lisa Norman, Lorianne Collins, Elizabeth Hayes, Laura Lee Norton, Steve  Miner, Matt Williams &

diving accident, leaving her permanently blind. Sonora was

determined to dive again, which she successfully did for

11 years after the accident.    The 1991 family drama was based on the true story of an orphan, and  directed by Steve Miner. The film is appropriate for most ages, with only a G rating. Rotten Tomatoes gave the

film a rating of 78%, but I personally feel the movie deserves a

much higher rating. In my opinion, I would give the family drama

a 10/10, and highly recommend watching the movie on Prime

Video, Vudu, or Fandgo.