Student Council Welcomes Face to Face Learning Back


Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

With the majority of the students returning to Ovid Elsie this week, there has been a lot to catch up on, especially with the Student Council. Rian Kirby, a freshman who is on the Student Council discussed the obstacles the council had to face this week. Students were welcomed back to face to face learning with posters of encouragement made by council members.

Kirby said things are going a lot easier now that school is face to face., “It’s getting a lot easier now in person because seeing everyone’s faces has a lot of benefits when it comes to expressing thoughts and new possible ideas. 

She was asked if it was difficult with many kids on the council still online, while half of the students were attending school, she elaborated that it’s super difficult having the technology involved and then also trying to discuss important things when a lot of the council can’t even participate or contribute. 

She said the Student Council was planning on a Canned food Drive in a couple of months but do not have all the details thought out. Kirby also added there was going to be a Hat Day, January 15th. 

Lastly, she was asked, “What do you hope to see when everyone comes back face to face?” Kirby answered, “I’m hoping it will be a little easier with everyone back together in the same environment but I believe it will still be difficult, planning events with the guidelines we must follow.”